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Count RavenA Devastating Age
Count RavenAn Ordinary Loser
Count RavenAngel Of Death
Count RavenChildren 's Holocaust
Count RavenCosmos
Count RavenDestruction Of The Void
Count RavenHigh On Infinity
Count RavenHippies Triumph
Count RavenHow Can It Be
Count RavenIn Honour
Count RavenIn The Name Of Rock 'n ' Roll
Count RavenInam Naudemina
Count RavenJen
Count RavenLeaving The Warzone
Count RavenLet The Dead Bury The Dead
Count RavenLost World
Count RavenMasters Of All Evil
Count RavenNo Ones Hero
Count RavenOde To Rebecca
Count RavenSocial Warfare
Count RavenSometimes A Great Nation
Count RavenThe Coming
Count RavenThe Dance
Count RavenThe Final Journey
Count RavenThe Madman From Waco
Count RavenTraitor
Count RavenTrue Revelation
Count RavenUntil Death Do Us Part
Count RavenWithin The Garden Of Mirrors
Count RavenA Lifetime
Count RavenChildrens Holocaust
Count RavenIn The Name Of Rock 'n' Roll
Count RavenIncreasing Deserts
Count RavenMagic Is...
Count RavenMammons War
Count RavenNashira
Count RavenNo One's Hero
Count RavenScream
Count RavenSeven Days
Count RavenThe Entity
Count RavenThe Poltergeist
Count RavenTo Kill A Child
Count RavenTo Love, Wherever You Are