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Cowboy JunkiesA Common Disaster
Cowboy JunkiesA Horse in the Country
Cowboy JunkiesAngel Mine
Cowboy JunkiesAnniversary Song
Cowboy JunkiesAt The End Of The Rainbow
Cowboy JunkiesBlack Eyed Man
Cowboy JunkiesBlue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis)
Cowboy JunkiesCold Tea Blues
Cowboy JunkiesCome Calling (her song)
Cowboy JunkiesCowboy Junkies Lament
Cowboy JunkiesCrescent Moon
Cowboy JunkiesCrossroads
Cowboy JunkiesDarkling Days
Cowboy JunkiesDecoration Day
Cowboy JunkiesDreaming My Dreams with You
Cowboy JunkiesEscape Is So Simple
Cowboy JunkiesFirst Recollection
Cowboy JunkiesFloorboard Blues
Cowboy JunkiesForgive Me
Cowboy JunkiesGood Friday
Cowboy JunkiesHard To Explain
Cowboy JunkiesHold On to Me
Cowboy JunkiesHollow As A Bone
Cowboy JunkiesHunted
Cowboy JunkiesIf You Were the Woman and I Was the Man
Cowboy JunkiesJust Want to See
Cowboy JunkiesLay it Down
Cowboy JunkiesLonely Sinking Feeling
Cowboy JunkiesMe and the Devil
Cowboy JunkiesMiles From Our Home
Cowboy JunkiesMining For Gold
Cowboy JunkiesMisguided Angel
Cowboy JunkiesMurder, Tonight, in the Trailer Park
Cowboy JunkiesMusical Key
Cowboy JunkiesNew Dawn Coming
Cowboy JunkiesNo Birds Today
Cowboy JunkiesNow I Know
Cowboy JunkiesOregon Hill
Cowboy JunkiesPale Sun
Cowboy JunkiesPostcard Blues
Cowboy JunkiesPowderfinger
Cowboy JunkiesRing On The Sill
Cowboy JunkiesRock And Bird
Cowboy JunkiesSeven Years
Cowboy JunkiesShining Moon
Cowboy JunkiesSomeone Out There
Cowboy JunkiesSomething More Besides You
Cowboy JunkiesSouthern Rain
Cowboy JunkiesSpeaking Confidentially
Cowboy JunkiesState Trooper
Cowboy JunkiesSweet Jane
Cowboy JunkiesTake Me
Cowboy JunkiesThe Last Spike
Cowboy JunkiesThe Post
Cowboy JunkiesThe Summer Of Discontent
Cowboy JunkiesThirty Summers
Cowboy JunkiesThis Street, That Man, This Life
Cowboy JunkiesThose Final Feet
Cowboy JunkiesWhite Sail
Cowboy JunkiesTo Live is to Fly
Cowboy JunkiesTo Love is to Bury
Cowboy JunkiesWalking After Midnight
Cowboy JunkiesWitches
Cowboy JunkiesWorking On A Building
Cowboy JunkiesYou Will Be Loved Again
Cowboy JunkiesBlue Guitar
Cowboy JunkiesSummer Of Our Discontent
Cowboy JunkiesBlue Moon Revisited (A Song For Elvis)
Cowboy JunkiesBaby Please Don 't Go
Cowboy JunkiesCarmelita
Cowboy JunkiesThe Water Is Wide
Cowboy JunkiesA Few Simple Words
Cowboy JunkiesRiver Waltz
Cowboy JunkiesSomeday Soon