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Cradle Of FilthA Bruise Upon The Silent Moon
Cradle of FilthA Crescendo Of Passion Bleeding
Cradle of FilthA Dream Of Wolves In The Snow
Cradle Of FilthA Gothic Romance
Cradle Of FilthA Gothic Romance (Red Roses For The Devil's Whore)
Cradle Of FilthA Murder Of Ravens In Fugue
Cradle of Filthall hope in eclipse
Cradle Of FilthAmor E Morte
Cradle Of FilthAmore E Morte
Cradle Of FilthAn Enemy Led The Tempest
Cradle Of FilthAs Deep As Any Burial
Cradle of FilthBathory Aria
Cradle of FilthBeauty Slept In Sodom
Cradle of FilthBeneath the howling stars
Cradle Of FilthBenighted Like Usher
Cradle Of FilthBestial Lust (Bitch)
Cradle Of FilthBetter To Reign In Hell
Cradle Of FilthBlack Metal
Cradle Of FilthBorn In A Burial Gown
Cradle Of FilthCarrion
Cradle Of FilthCruelty Brought The Orchids
Cradle of FilthCruelty brought thee orchids
Cradle of FilthCthulhu Dawn
Cradle Of FilthDamned In Any Language
Cradle Of FilthDark With Blood And Fucking
Cradle Of FilthDarkness Our Bride
Cradle of FilthDarkness Our Bride (Jugular Wedding)
Cradle Of FilthDawn Of Eternity
Cradle Of FilthDeath Comes Ripping
Cradle Of FilthDeath Magick For Adepts
Cradle of FilthDesire in Violent Overture
Cradle Of FilthDevil Woman
Cradle Of FilthDinner At Deviant 's Palace
Cradle Of FilthDoberman Pharaoh
Cradle of FilthDusk And Her Embrace
Cradle of FilthEbony Dressed For Sunset
Cradle Of FilthEnd Of Daze
Cradle Of FilthEyes That Witnessed Madness
Cradle Of FilthFor Those Who Died
Cradle Of FilthFraternally Yours
Cradle Of FilthFrom The Cradle To Enslave
Cradle of FilthFUneral In Carpathia
Cradle Of FilthFuneral In Carpathia (Be Quick Or Be Dead Version)
Cradle Of FilthGilded Cunt
Cradle of FilthHallowed be thy name
Cradle of FilthHaunted Shores
Cradle of FilthHeaven Torn Asunder
Cradle Of FilthHell Awaits
Cradle Of FilthHer Ghost In The Fog
Cradle Of FilthHurt And Virtue
Cradle Of FilthImperium Tenebrarum
Cradle Of FilthInterlude: Creatures That Kissed In Cold Mirrors
Cradle Of FilthLord Abortion
Cradle Of FilthLustmord & Wargasm (The Lick Of Carnivorous Winds)
Cradle Of FilthLustmord And Wargasm
Cradle of FilthLustmord and Wargasm (The Lick of Carnivorous Win
Cradle of FilthMalice Through The Looking Glass
Cradle Of FilthMannequin
Cradle Of FilthMr. Crowley
Cradle Of FilthNo Time To Cry
Cradle of FilthNocturnal Supremacy
Cradle Of FilthNymphetamine
Cradle Of FilthOf Dark Blood And Fucking
Cradle of FilthOf Mist And Midnight Skies
Cradle Of FilthPresents From The Poison-hearted
Cradle of FilthQueen Of Winter Throned
Cradle Of FilthQueen Of Winter, Throned
Cradle Of FilthSaffron 's Curse
Cradle Of FilthSatanic Mantra
Cradle Of FilthScorched Earth Erotica
Cradle Of FilthSerpent Tongue
Cradle Of FilthShe Mourns A Lengthening Shadow
Cradle Of FilthSleepless
Cradle Of FilthSodomy And Lust
Cradle Of FilthSuicide And Other Comforts
Cradle of FilthSummer Dying Faist
Cradle Of FilthSummer Dying Fast
Cradle Of FilthTearing The Veil From Grace
Cradle Of FilthThank God For The Suffering
Cradle of FilthThe Black Goddess Rises
Cradle Of FilthThe Black Goddess Rises Ii
Cradle Of FilthThe Fire Still Burns
Cradle of FilthThe Forest Whispers My Name
Cradle Of FilthThe Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
Cradle Of FilthThe Promise Of Fever
Cradle Of FilthThe Rape And Ruin Of Angels
Cradle of FilthThe Rape And Ruin Of Angels (Hosannas In Extremis)
Cradle Of FilthThe Raping Of Faith
Cradle Of FilthThe Smoke Of Her Burning
Cradle of FilthThe Twisted Nails of Faith
Cradle of FilthThirteen Autumns And A Widow
Cradle of FilthTo Eve The Art Of Witchcraft
Cradle Of FilthTortured Soul Asylum
Cradle Of FilthTwisted Nails Of Faith
Cradle Of FilthUnbridled At Dusk