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Crush 40All Hail Shadow
Crush 40All The Way
Crush 40Almost Dead
Crush 40Believe In Myself
Crush 40Dangerous Ground
Crush 40Dreams Of An Absolution
Crush 40Escape From The City
Crush 40Follow Me
Crush 40Fuel Me
Crush 40His World
Crush 40I Am (All Of Me)
Crush 40I Am The Eggman
Crush 40In The Lead
Crush 40Into The Wind
Crush 40It Doesn't Matter
Crush 40Knight Of The Wind
Crush 40Lazy Days (Livin' In Paradise)
Crush 40Live And Learn
Crush 40Never Turn Back
Crush 40Open Your Heart
Crush 40Revvin' Up
Crush 40Seven Rings In Hand
Crush 40Sonic Heroes (Spanish)
Crush 40Sonic Heroes Title Theme
Crush 40Team Chaotix
Crush 40The Chosen One
Crush 40This Machine
Crush 40Watch Me Fly
Crush 40We Can
Crush 40What I'm Made Of