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Cryptal DarknessA Dream Of Beauty And Desire Lost
Cryptal DarknessAll That Remains
Cryptal DarknessDarkened Is My Soul
Cryptal DarknessDescend Into Thy Grave
Cryptal DarknessEndless Tears
Cryptal DarknessFallen
Cryptal DarknessI Bleed
Cryptal DarknessLast Embrace
Cryptal DarknessLost Visions Of Sanity
Cryptal DarknessMy Eternal Hunger
Cryptal DarknessNaked She Lay To The Virgin Snow
Cryptal DarknessThe Coldest Winter
Cryptal DarknessThey Whispered You Had Risen
Cryptal DarknessTo Blackened Skies I Suffer
Cryptal DarknessTo Drink From The Lake Of Sadness
Cryptal DarknessA Dream Of Beauty & Desire Lost
Cryptal DarknessAlways, Forever
Cryptal DarknessEndless Tears...
Cryptal DarknessWinter For Evermore