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Cryptic SlaughterConvicted
Cryptic SlaughterDivided Minds
Cryptic SlaughterBlack And White
Cryptic SlaughterBorn Too Soon
Cryptic SlaughterCo-Exist
Cryptic SlaughterDeathstyles Of The Poor & Lowly
Cryptic SlaughterHypocrite
Cryptic SlaughterInsanity By The Numbers
Cryptic SlaughterKilling Time
Cryptic SlaughterLittle World
Cryptic SlaughterLowlife
Cryptic SlaughterM.A.D.
Cryptic SlaughterNation Of Hate
Cryptic SlaughterNuclear Future
Cryptic SlaughterOne Thing Or Another
Cryptic SlaughterRage To Kill
Cryptic SlaughterReich Of Torture
Cryptic SlaughterRest In Pain
Cryptic SlaughterSpeak Your Piece
Cryptic SlaughterState Control
Cryptic SlaughterStill Born, Again
Cryptic SlaughterSudden Death
Cryptic SlaughterWar To The Knife