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E-RoticGimme Gimme Gimme
E-RoticAngel Eyes
E-RoticAngel's Night
E-RoticBad Boy
E-RoticBig Max
E-RoticCome On Make Love To Me
E-RoticDo It All Night
E-RoticDon't Go
E-RoticDon't Say We're Through
E-RoticDon't Talk Dirty To Me
E-RoticDr. Love
E-RoticErotic Dreams
E-RoticFalling For A Witch
E-RoticFred Come To Bed
E-RoticFritz Love My Tits
E-RoticGimme Good Sex
E-RoticGive A Little Love
E-RoticHelp Me Dr. Dick
E-RoticI Want You
E-RoticI'm Horny
E-RoticIs It You
E-RoticKing Kong
E-RoticKiss Me
E-RoticLay Back
E-RoticLove And Sex Are Free
E-RoticMambo No. Sex
E-RoticMax Don't Have Sex With Your Ex
E-RoticMove Me Baby
E-RoticOoh La La La
E-RoticQueen Of Light
E-RoticRock Me Baby
E-RoticSave Me
E-RoticSend Me A Message Of Love
E-RoticSex Machine
E-RoticSex Me
E-RoticSex On The Phone
E-RoticSexual Healing
E-RoticShag Me
E-RoticTake My Love
E-RoticTears In Your Blue Eyes
E-RoticThe Story Is Over
E-RoticTouch Me
E-RoticTurn Me On
E-RoticVoulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi
E-RoticWhen I Cry For You
E-RoticWish You Were Here