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EA Most Unpleasant Man
EAre You And Me Gonna Happen
EE 's Tune
EEight Lives Left
EFitting In With The Misfits
EHello Are You There
EI 've Been Kicked Around
EL A River
ELooking Out The Window With A Blue Hat On
EManchester Girl
EMockingbird Franklin
EPermanent Broken Heart
EShe Loves A Puppet
ESomeone To Break The Spell
EStanding At The Gate
EThe Day I Wrote You Off
EThe Only Thing I Care About
ETomorrow I 'll Be Nine
EYou 'll Be The Scarecrow
EAre You & Me Gonna Happen
EDas Schullied
EE's Tune
EHello Cruel World
EI've Been Kicked Around
EL.A. River
EMy Old Raincoat
EShine It All On
ETomorrow I'll Be Nine
EYou'll Be The Scarecrow