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Electric PresidentAll The Bones
Electric PresidentBright Mouths
Electric PresidentDotted Lines
Electric PresidentEther
Electric PresidentFarewell
Electric PresidentGood Morning, Hypocrite
Electric PresidentGood Ol' Boys
Electric PresidentGrand Machine No. 12
Electric PresidentGraves And The Infinite Arm
Electric PresidentHum
Electric PresidentI'm Not The Lonely Son (I'm The Ghost)
Electric PresidentInsomnia
Electric PresidentIt's An Ugly Life
Electric PresidentLabel My Mind Blown
Electric PresidentLullaby
Electric PresidentMetal Fingers
Electric PresidentMonsters
Electric PresidentPigeon Teeth
Electric PresidentRobophobia
Electric PresidentSnow On Dead Neighborhoods
Electric PresidentSome Crap About The Future
Electric PresidentTen Thousand Lines
Electric PresidentVoice Of Our Age
Electric PresidentWe Were Never Built To Last
Electric PresidentWe Will Walk Through Walls
Electric PresidentWearing Influences On Our Sleeve-Less T-Shirts
Electric PresidentWhen It's Black