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Faber Drive24 Story Love Affair
Faber DriveAgain
Faber DriveBy Your Side
Faber DriveCementhead
Faber DriveGet Up And Dance
Faber DriveGive Him Up
Faber Drive(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight
Faber DriveI'll Be There
Faber DriveIt Ends
Faber DriveKillin' Me
Faber DriveObvious
Faber DriveSecond Chance
Faber DriveSex And Love
Faber DriveSleepless Nights
Faber DriveSleepless Nights (Never Let Her Go)
Faber DriveSummer Fades To Fall
Faber DriveThe Payoff
Faber DriveTime Bomb
Faber DriveTongue Tied
Faber DriveWhen I'm With You
Faber DriveYou And I Tonight
Faber DriveYou'll Make It