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Fates WarningA World Apart
Fates WarningAt Fate 's Hands
Fates WarningChasing Time
Fates WarningNothing Left To Say
Fates WarningPart Of The Machine
Fates WarningStatic Acts
Fates WarningThe Arena
Fates WarningThe Ivory Gate Of Dreams
Fates WarningThrough Different Eyes
Fates WarningA Handful Of Doubt
Fates WarningA Pleasant Shade Of Gray, Part I
Fates WarningA Pleasant Shade Of Gray, Part IV
Fates WarningA Pleasant Shade Of Gray, Part IX
Fates WarningAfterglow
Fates WarningAnarchy Divine
Fates WarningAt Fates Hand
Fates WarningBuried Alive
Fates WarningDamnation
Fates WarningDon't Follow Me
Fates WarningDown To The Wire
Fates WarningEleventh Hour
Fates WarningEpitaph
Fates WarningEye To Eye
Fates WarningFace The Fear
Fates WarningFata Morgana
Fates WarningGuardian
Fates WarningIn A Word
Fates WarningIsland In The Stream
Fates WarningKyrie Eleison
Fates WarningLeave The Past Behind
Fates WarningLife In Still Water
Fates WarningMonument
Fates WarningOne
Fates WarningOutside Looking In
Fates WarningPieces Of Me
Fates WarningPoint Of View
Fates WarningPrelude To Ruin
Fates WarningSaints In Hell
Fates WarningShelter Me
Fates WarningSilent Cries
Fates WarningSo
Fates WarningSoldier Boy
Fates WarningSomething From Nothing
Fates WarningStill Remains
Fates WarningThe Apparation (live)
Fates WarningThe Calling
Fates WarningThe Road Goes On Forever
Fates WarningThe Sorceress
Fates WarningThe Strand
Fates WarningTraveler In Time
Fates WarningWe Only Say Goodbye
Fates WarningWithout A Trace