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FearBomb The Russians
FearFresh Flesh
FearFuck Christmas
FearGetting The Brush
FearMore Beer
FearNew York 's Alright If You Like Saxophones
FearNo More Nothing
FearBeef Baloney
FearBeef Bologna
FearDrink Some Beer
FearForeign Policy
FearGimme Some Action
FearHave A Beer With FEAR
FearI Am A Doctor
FearI Don't Care About You
FearI Love Livin In The City
FearLet's Have A War
FearNew York's Alright If You Like Saxophones
FearNull Detector
FearThe Mouth Don't Stop (The Trouble Today With Women Is)
FearWaiting For The Meat
FearWe Destroy Family
FearWe Got To Get Outta This Place
FearWe Gotta Get Out Of This Place
FearWelcom To The Dust Ward
FearWelcome To The Dust Ward
FearWalk On The Ocean
FearStories I Tell
FearSomething To Say
FearPray Your Gods
FearNightingale Song
FearIs It For Me
FearIn My Ear
FearBefore You Were Born
FearAll I Want