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FightBeneath The Vilolence
FightBlowout In The Radio Room
FightGretna Greene
FightHuman Crate
FightI Am Alive
FightIn A World Of My Own Making
FightLegacy Of Hate
FightLittle Crazy
FightNever Again
FightSmall Deadly Space
Fight31st Again
FightBeneath The Violence
FightCan't Be Bothered
FightDon't Tell Me
FightFish Gang
FightFor All Eternity
FightForgotten Generation
FightFreewheel Burning (live)
FightHome Is Where The Hate Is
Fight(I'm Running Around In) Circles
FightImmortal Sin
FightImmortal Sin (Tolerance Mix)
FightInto The Pit
FightInto The Pit (Live)
FightJesus Saves
FightJohnny Can't Hackett
FightKaraoke Star
FightKill It
FightKill It (Dutch Death Mix)
FightLaid To Rest
FightLife In Black
FightLittle Crazy (Live)
FightLittle Crazy (Straight Jacket Mix)
FightMommy's Little Soldier
FightMoved On
FightNailed To The Gun
FightNailed To The Gun (Live)
FightNo More Legend
FightReality, A New Beginning
FightRevolution Calling
FightShut Up Yourself
FightSid And Nancy
FightStage Skool Kidz
FightVicious (Middle Finger Mix)
FightWar Of Words
FightWar Of Words (Bloody Tongue Mix)