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Fightstar28K Resolution
FightstarA City On Fire
FightstarAmaze Us
FightstarBreaking The Law
FightstarBuild An Army
FightstarCalling All Stations
FightstarChemical Blood
FightstarColours Bleed To Red
FightstarFollow Me Into The Darkness
FightstarGive Me The Sky
FightstarGrand Unification (Part 1)
FightstarGrand Unification (Part 2)
FightstarH.I.P (Enough)
FightstarHazy Eyes
FightstarHere Again (Last Conversation)
FightstarI Am The Message
FightstarIn Between Days
FightstarLost Like Tears In The Rain
FightstarMercury Summer
FightstarMvua Nyeusi
FightstarNever Change
FightstarOne Day Son
FightstarOpen Your Eyes
FightstarOur Last Common Ancestor
FightstarPalahniuk's Laughter
FightstarSleep Well Tonight
FightstarTannhuser Gate
FightstarThe Days I Recall Being Wonderful
FightstarThe Whisperer
FightstarThese Days
FightstarUnfamiliar Ceilings
FightstarUntil Then
FightstarWake Up
FightstarWar Machine
FightstarWaste A Moment
FightstarWe Apologise For Nothing
FightstarYou & I