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Figure FourBroken Chains
Figure FourCarried Away
Figure FourCreed
Figure FourDay By Day
Figure FourEnemy
Figure FourFollow
Figure FourGuility
Figure FourGuilty
Figure FourHear My Words
Figure FourIn The Face Of Death
Figure FourKill And Deceive
Figure FourLast Night
Figure FourLoyalty
Figure FourMiles Away
Figure FourNew Day
Figure FourNo One Else
Figure FourPoison In Me
Figure FourQuestion Of Trust
Figure FourReasons Why
Figure FourSecure
Figure FourSilence Expected
Figure FourSo Much More
Figure FourState Of Mind
Figure FourSuffocation
Figure FourSword From My Mouth
Figure FourThe Cycle
Figure FourThe Loss
Figure FourThieves Don't Knock
Figure FourTo An Image
Figure FourTrue Colors
Figure FourWe Were Invincible
Figure FourWhen It's All Said And Done
Figure FourWhere I Stand
Figure FourWho Belongs