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First Love16 At War
First Love90's Baby
First LoveAmai Wana / Paint It Black
First LoveAnother Chance
First LoveAutomatic
First LoveB And C
First LoveBaby Baby
First LoveCan You Handle It
First LoveCan't Bring Me Down
First LoveCan't Find The Words
First LoveCry
First LoveDime Si Es Amor
First LoveFirst Love
First LoveFreaky
First LoveGive Me A Reason
First LoveI Just Can't Get Enough
First LoveIm So Sorry
First LoveIn My Room
First LoveLove Is
First LoveMovin' On Without You
First LoveNever Let Go
First LoveSlow Motion
First LoveThe Love We Got
First LoveThe Rose
First LoveThey Ain't Gotta Love You
First LoveTime Will Tell
First LoveWinner