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FM StaticAmerica's Next Freak
FM StaticBoy Meets Girl (And Visa Versa)
FM StaticBoy Moves To A New Town With Optimistic Outlook
FM StaticChristmas Shoes
FM StaticDear God
FM StaticFlop Culture
FM StaticGirl Of The Year
FM StaticHer Father's Song
FM StaticHey Now (Secret Song)
FM StaticMan Whatcha Doin'?
FM StaticMoment Of Truth
FM StaticNice Piece Of Art
FM StaticSecret Song
FM StaticSix Candles
FM StaticSometimes You Can Forget Who You Are
FM StaticTake Me As I Am
FM StaticThe Next Big Thing
FM StaticThe Shindig (Off To College)
FM StaticThe Unavoidable Battle Of Feeling On The Outside
FM StaticThe Video Store
FM StaticTonight
FM StaticVoyage Of Beliefs Lyrics
FM StaticWaste Of Time
FM StaticWhat It Feels Like