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FollyAll The King's Horses
FollyAll The Same
FollyBlending Day With Night
FollyBonfire Of The Manatees
FollyBrooks Wuz Here
FollyDiscussions Is For The Pigs
FollyFalse Evidence Appearing Real
FollyFar Away
FollyFor My Friends
FollyForfeit Sundials
FollyHuman Bodies
FollyIve Been Running For Miles, Davis
FollyOdds > Evens
FollyOperation: Work; Lift-Face
FollyPiano Player
FollyPlease Don't Shoot The Piano Player, He's Doing The Best He Can
FollyPterodactyls In America
FollyRepeat, I Repeat, Repeat
FollySerenity Now!
FollySweet Water Death
FollyThe City Is Drowning
FollyThe Last I Ever We Wrote
FollyThe Last Letter We Ever Wrote
FollyThe Wake
FollyToday Jeremy Challenges The World
FollyWe Still Believe...
FollyWeak And The Wounded