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Frank ZappaAny Kind Of Pain
Frank ZappaBacon Fat
Frank ZappaElvis Has Just Left The Building
Frank ZappaHot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel
Frank ZappaJezebel Boy
Frank ZappaMurder By Numbers
Frank ZappaOutside Now
Frank ZappaPlanet Of The Baritone Women
Frank ZappaPromiscuous
Frank ZappaStolen Moments
Frank ZappaThe Untouchables
Frank ZappaBobby Brown
Frank ZappaCentral Scrutinizer
Frank ZappaBobby Brown Goes Down
Frank ZappaTengo Na Minchia Tanta
Frank Zappa50/50
Frank ZappaCamirillo Brillo
Frank ZappaDinah-Moe Humm
Frank ZappaDirty Love
Frank ZappaI'm The Slime
Frank ZappaMontana
Frank ZappaZomby Woof
Frank ZappaA Typical Sound Check
Frank ZappaHere Comes The Gear, Lads
Frank ZappaThe Motel Room
Frank Zappa50 50
Frank ZappaBabette
Frank ZappaCamarillo Brillo
Frank ZappaCosmik Debris
Frank ZappaCradle Rock
Frank ZappaDinah-moe-hum
Frank ZappaDon 't Eat The Yellow Snow
Frank ZappaExcentrifugal Forz
Frank ZappaFather O 'bliviion
Frank ZappaI Don 't Wanna Get Drafted
Frank ZappaIn France
Frank ZappaLouie Louie
Frank ZappaNanook Rubs It
Frank ZappaStink Foot
Frank ZappaUncle Remus
Frank ZappaWillie The Pimp