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Fred SmallA Dream In The Light
Fred SmallA Modest Proposal (the Long Underwear Song)
Fred SmallAnnie
Fred SmallAt The Elbe
Fred SmallBig Italian Rose
Fred SmallCranes Over Hiroshima
Fred SmallCrossing The Charles
Fred SmallDeath In Disguise
Fred SmallDenmark 1943
Fred SmallDiamonds Of Anger
Fred SmallDig A Hole In The Ground
Fred SmallEvery Man
Fred SmallEverything Possible
Fred SmallFace At The Window
Fred SmallFather's Song
Fred SmallFifty-nine Cents
Fred SmallFriends First
Fred SmallGonna Get A Grant
Fred SmallHot Frogs On The Loose
Fred SmallHousewarming
Fred SmallI Will Stand Fast
Fred SmallIf I Were A Moose
Fred SmallIf I Were Taken Now
Fred SmallJimmy Come Lately
Fred SmallLarry The Polar Bear
Fred SmallLeslie Is Different
Fred SmallLetter From May Alice Jeffers
Fred SmallLifeboat
Fred SmallLost That Pretty Little Gal Of Mine (to Title Ix)
Fred SmallLove's Gonna Carry Us
Fred SmallNo Limit
Fred SmallNo More Vietnams
Fred SmallPeace Dragon
Fred SmallPeace Is
Fred SmallRodney King's Blessing
Fred SmallScott And Jamie
Fred SmallScrambled Eggs And Prayers
Fred SmallSimple Living
Fred SmallSmile When You're Ready
Fred SmallTalking Wheelchair Blues
Fred SmallThe Dancing Light
Fred SmallThe Heart Of The Appaloosa
Fred SmallThe Hills Of Ayalon
Fred SmallThe Hug
Fred SmallThe Hug Song
Fred SmallThe Marines Lament, Or, The Pink Peril
Fred SmallThis Love
Fred SmallThree Mile Island
Fred SmallToo Many People
Fred SmallWillie's Song