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Gaia EpicusA Hero In All
Gaia EpicusAwaken The Monster
Gaia EpicusBe Thy Cross My Victory
Gaia EpicusCyber Future
Gaia EpicusCyborgs From Hell
Gaia EpicusDamnation
Gaia EpicusDie For Your King
Gaia EpicusFire & Ice
Gaia EpicusFirestorm
Gaia EpicusFortress Of Solitude
Gaia EpicusFreedom Calls
Gaia EpicusHand Of Fate
Gaia EpicusHeavens Gate
Gaia EpicusHeavy Metal Heart
Gaia EpicusInside The Storm
Gaia EpicusIron Curtain
Gaia EpicusKeepers Of Time
Gaia EpicusMasters Of The Sea
Gaia EpicusMiracles
Gaia EpicusNew Life
Gaia EpicusNo Release?
Gaia EpicusRevenge Is Sweet
Gaia EpicusRise Of The Empire
Gaia EpicusSalvation Is Here
Gaia EpicusSieze The Day
Gaia EpicusSpanish Eyes
Gaia EpicusStar Wars
Gaia EpicusSymphony Of Glory
Gaia EpicusThe Savior (Will Come)
Gaia EpicusThe Sign
Gaia EpicusThrough The Fire
Gaia EpicusTime And Space
Gaia EpicusVictory
Gaia EpicusWatch The Sky
Gaia EpicusWings Of Freedom
Gaia EpicusYou Are A Liar!