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GaladrielAs Your Body Burns
GaladrielIt Ends When The Moon Loses Its Face
GaladrielMy December
GaladrielOn The Wings Of Gwaihir
GaladrielRivers Of Olivion
GaladrielStrokes Of Desire
GaladrielThe Evening, And Then Came The Night
GaladrielThe Forest Lullaby
GaladrielA Horned Man
GaladrielArmies Of Valinor
GaladrielBleeding Heart's Poetry
GaladrielDark Erotica
GaladrielFear In Their Eyes
GaladrielFrom Ashes & Dust
GaladrielI Closed Your Door
GaladrielI'm The Everyhing
GaladrielImaginary Sins
GaladrielIn The Garden Of Lost Shades
GaladrielInsanity + Suffering
GaladrielLost Paths Of Unicorns
GaladrielNoxious Humanity
GaladrielSex In The Underworld
GaladrielStrong One Against The Storm
GaladrielThe End Of Eternity
GaladrielThe Evening... And Then Came The Night
GaladrielThe Flower And Dark Butterfly
GaladrielThe Grave Is The Last
GaladrielThe Remembrance
GaladrielTwilight Time
GaladrielUnder Wings Of The Fallen One
GaladrielVampirian Love