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Gene ChandlerDuke Of Earl
Gene ChandlerGroovy Situation
Gene ChandlerJust Be True
Gene ChandlerWhat Now
Gene ChandlerBless Our Love
Gene ChandlerFrom The Teacher To The Preacher
Gene ChandlerGet Down
Gene ChandlerGirl Don't Care
Gene ChandlerGood Times
Gene ChandlerI Fooled You This Time
Gene Chandler(I'm Just A) Fool For You
Gene ChandlerMan's Temptation
Gene ChandlerNothing Can Stop Me
Gene ChandlerRainbow
Gene ChandlerRainbow '65 Part 1 & 2
Gene ChandlerRainbow (Part 1)
Gene ChandlerRainbow Part 1 And Part 2 (Live At The Regal)
Gene ChandlerSimply Call It Love
Gene ChandlerSoul Hootenanny
Gene ChandlerThere Goes The Lover
Gene ChandlerThere Was A Time
Gene ChandlerTo Be A Lover
Gene ChandlerWalk On With The Duke
Gene ChandlerWhen You're #1
Gene ChandlerYou Can't Hurt Me No More
Gene ChandlerYou Threw A Lucky Punch