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GeneA Car That Sped
GeneHaunted By You
GeneSleep Well Tonight
GeneStill Can 't Find The Phone
GeneTo The City
GeneTruth Rest Your Head
GeneWe 'll Find Our Own Way
GeneAs Good As It Gets
GeneBe My Light Be My Guide
GeneFighting Fit
GeneFill Her Up
GeneGene-Police Will Never Find Ya
GeneIn Love With Love
GeneLet Me Move On
GeneLondon Can You Wait?
GeneLove Won't Work
GeneNew Amusements
GeneSomewhere In The World
GeneSpeak To Me Someone
GeneStill Can't Find The Phone
GeneTruth Rest Your Head (live, 6/7/95: Helter Shelter )
GeneTruth Rest Your Head (Live, 6/7/95: Helter;
GeneWe Could Be Kings
GeneWe'll Find Our Own Way
GeneWhere Are They Now
GeneYour Love, It Lies