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General PublicIll Take You There
General PublicTenderness
General PublicA World Of My Own
General PublicAnxious
General PublicAre You Leading Me On?
General PublicAs A Matter Of Fact
General PublicBig Bed
General PublicBlowhard
General PublicBurning Bright
General PublicCheque In The Post
General PublicCome Again
General PublicCry On Your Own Shoulder
General PublicDay To Day
General PublicDay-To-Day (live)
General PublicFaults And All
General PublicForward As One
General PublicFriends Again
General PublicGeneral Public
General PublicHandgun
General PublicHold It Deep
General PublicHot You're Cool
General PublicI'll Take You There
General PublicIn Conversation
General PublicIt Must Be Tough
General PublicIt's Weird
General PublicLove Without The Fun
General PublicMurder
General PublicNever All There
General PublicNever Not Alone
General PublicNever You Done That
General PublicPunk
General PublicRainy Days
General PublicRub It Better
General PublicToo Much Or Nothing
General PublicWarm Love
General PublicWhere's The Line?