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GlampireAll That Glitters
GlampireBeat You At Your Own Damn Game
GlampireBuild A Machine
GlampireConsider Me Dead
GlampireFamous Last Words
GlampireFinally Arrived
GlampireGive In Give Up
GlampireHalloween In July
GlampireHappy Again?
GlampireLie Of The Land
GlampireLove Is A Muscle
GlampireMonsters In My Head
GlampireMy Own God
GlampireOh No, Here I Go!
GlampirePeace N' Glitta N' Phasion
GlampireRefuse To Believe
GlampireRight Mind State
GlampireSell Your Love To The World
GlampireShake Me Take Me Make Me
GlampireSuper Sad
GlampireTrick On My Skin
GlampireTwice As Strong