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Grand PubaA Little Of This
Grand PubaAll Day
Grand PubaAmazing
Grand PubaBaby Mama Drama
Grand PubaBaby What 's Your Name
Grand PubaBig Kids Don 't Play
Grand PubaChange Gonna Come
Grand PubaCheck Tha Resume
Grand PubaDon 't Lie To Me
Grand PubaDon 't Waste My Time
Grand PubaDreams
Grand PubaFat Rat
Grand PubaGrand Pu
Grand PubaHoney Don 't Front
Grand PubaHow Many More
Grand PubaIssues
Grand PubaKeep On
Grand PubaLickshot
Grand PubaMind Your Business
Grand PubaPlayin The Game
Grand PubaProper Education
Grand PubaReel To Reel
Grand PubaSoul Controller
Grand PubaThat 's How We Move It
Grand PubaUnderstand This
Grand PubaUp And Down
Grand PubaVery Special
Grand PubaYa Know How It Goes
Grand Puba360 Degrees (What Goes Around)
Grand Puba360 What Goes Around
Grand PubaI Like It (I Wanna Be Where You Are)
Grand PubaUp & Down
Grand PubaWhat U Gonna Do For Me (feat. Tiffany Johnson)
Grand PubaWhat U Want (feat. Tiffany Johnson)
Grand PubaWho Makes The Loot? (Bonus Track)