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Grave DiggerShadowmaker
Grave DiggerAvalon
Grave DiggerBaphomet
Grave DiggerBattle Of Bannockburn
Grave DiggerDeus To Vult
Grave DiggerEmerald Eyes
Grave DiggerExcalibur
Grave DiggerFanatic Assassins
Grave DiggerHeadbanging Man
Grave DiggerHeavy Metal Breakdown
Grave DiggerHeroes Of This Time
Grave DiggerInquisition
Grave DiggerKeeper Of The Holy Grail
Grave DiggerKilling Time
Grave DiggerKnight Of The Cross
Grave DiggerLancelot
Grave DiggerLionheart
Grave DiggerMonks Of War
Grave DiggerMordred 's Song
Grave DiggerMorgane Le Fay
Grave DiggerOver The Sea
Grave DiggerPendragon
Grave DiggerRebellion
Grave DiggerThe Curse Of Jacques
Grave DiggerThe Dark Of The Sun
Grave DiggerThe Final War
Grave DiggerThe Secrets Of Merlin
Grave DiggerThe Spell
Grave DiggerThe Truth
Grave DiggerTristan 's Fate
Grave DiggerWitch Hunter
Grave DiggerCircle Of Witches
Grave DiggerCulloden Muir
Grave DiggerDolphin's Cry
Grave Digger(Enola Gay) Drop The Bomb
Grave DiggerFallout
Grave DiggerFire In Your Eyes
Grave DiggerFriends Of Mine
Grave DiggerHate
Grave DiggerHeart Of Darkness
Grave DiggerHouse Of Horror
Grave DiggerLove Is A Game
Grave DiggerMordred's Song
Grave DiggerParadise
Grave DiggerPlay Your Game (And Kill)
Grave DiggerRaven
Grave DiggerRebellion (the Clans Are Marching)
Grave DiggerRuler Mr. H.
Grave DiggerRunning Free
Grave DiggerScotland United
Grave DiggerSilence
Grave DiggerSon Of Evil
Grave DiggerStarlight
Grave DiggerSymphony Of Death
Grave DiggerThe Grave Dancer
Grave DiggerThe Grave Digger
Grave DiggerThe House
Grave DiggerThe Reaper
Grave DiggerTyrant
Grave DiggerUnder My Flag
Grave DiggerWe Wanna Rock You
Grave DiggerWild And Dangerous
Grave DiggerWorld Of Fools
Grave DiggerYesterday