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Great KatAshes To Dust
Great KatBach To The Future For Geniuses Only!
Great KatDeath To You
Great KatDemons
Great KatFlight Of The Bumble-bee
Great KatGod!
Great KatGripping Obsession
Great KatGuitar Concerto In Blood Minor
Great KatKat Possessed
Great KatKat-abuse
Great KatKill The Mothers
Great KatMade In Japan
Great KatMetal Massacre
Great KatMetal Messiah
Great KatRevenge Mongrel
Great KatSatan Goes To Church
Great KatSatan Says
Great KatSex & Violins
Great KatSpeed Death
Great KatTotal Tyrant
Great KatUltra-dead
Great KatWorkshipping Bodies
Great KatWorship Me Or Die