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Guy MitchellBelle Belle My Liberty Belle
Guy MitchellFeet Up
Guy MitchellHeartaches By The Number
Guy MitchellKnee Deep In The Blues
Guy MitchellMy Heart Cries For You
Guy MitchellMy Shoes Keep Walking Back To You
Guy MitchellMy Truly Truly Fair
Guy MitchellNinety Nine Years
Guy MitchellPittsburgh Pennsylvania
Guy MitchellRock A Billy
Guy MitchellRoving Kind
Guy MitchellSame Old Me
Guy MitchellShe Wears Red Feathers
Guy MitchellSinging The Blues
Guy MitchellSparrow In The Treetop
Guy MitchellUnless
Guy MitchellTake Me Back Baby
Guy MitchellThe Same Old Me
Guy MitchellSparrow In The Tree Top
Guy MitchellSweet Stuff
Guy MitchellSingin' The Blues
Guy MitchellNinety Nine Years (Dead Or Alive)
Guy MitchellHeartache By The Number
Guy MitchellFeet Up (Pat Him On The Po-Po)
Guy MitchellCrazy With Love
Guy MitchellChristopher Columbus