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Halford (Rob Halford)Wrath Of Gods
Halford (Rob Halford)Tyrant
Halford (Rob Halford)Weaving Sorrow
Halford (Rob Halford)Twist
Halford (Rob Halford)Trail Of Tears
Halford (Rob Halford)Stained Class
Halford (Rob Halford)Sun
Halford (Rob Halford)Temptation
Halford (Rob Halford)The One You Love To Hate
Halford (Rob Halford)Slow Down
Halford (Rob Halford)Silent Screams
Halford (Rob Halford)Screaming In The Dark
Halford (Rob Halford)She
Halford (Rob Halford)Savior
Halford (Rob Halford)Running Wild
Halford (Rob Halford)Sad Wings
Halford (Rob Halford)Resurrection
Halford (Rob Halford)Riding On The Wind
Halford (Rob Halford)Prisoner Of Your Eyes
Halford (Rob Halford)Night Fall
Halford (Rob Halford)One Will
Halford (Rob Halford)Metal Gods
Halford (Rob Halford)Nailed To The Gun
Halford (Rob Halford)Made In Hell
Halford (Rob Halford)Locked And Loaded
Halford (Rob Halford)Life In Black
Halford (Rob Halford)Light Comes Out Of Black
Halford (Rob Halford)Jawbreaker
Halford (Rob Halford)Into The Pit
Halford (Rob Halford)Heretic
Halford (Rob Halford)Hell's Last Survivor
Halford (Rob Halford)Hearts Of Darkness
Halford (Rob Halford)Heart Of A Lion
Halford (Rob Halford)Golgotha
Halford (Rob Halford)Handing Out Bullets
Halford (Rob Halford)Genocide
Halford (Rob Halford)Fugitive
Halford (Rob Halford)Electric Eye
Halford (Rob Halford)Drive
Halford (Rob Halford)Cyberworld
Halford (Rob Halford)Crystal
Halford (Rob Halford)Crucible
Halford (Rob Halford)Breaking The Law
Halford (Rob Halford)Beyond The Realms Of Death
Halford (Rob Halford)Blackout
Halford (Rob Halford)Betrayal