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HappyheadShining Path (3:09)
HappyheadSpacetown (4:53)
HappyheadLove Kills
HappyheadShining Path
HappyheadLet's Go See Mr. Hyde
HappyheadLet's Go See Mr Hyde (4:30)
HappyheadI Fall Awake
HappyheadHurt, Dirt And Desire
HappyheadHappyhead Theme #1 (0:54)
HappyheadHappyhead Theme #2 (3:17)
HappyheadGet Out The Cab, Babe
HappyheadFat City
HappyheadFat City (4:36)
HappyheadFabulous (3:10)
HappyheadBack Of My Cab (1:39)
HappyheadDigital Love Thing
HappyheadDigital Love Thing (3:00)
HappyheadBaby Usa (4:21)
HappyheadBack Of My Cab
HappyheadAtomic Candy
HappyheadBaby USA
HappyheadA Wave That Breaks Forever