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Hardcore SuperstarYou Will Never Know
Hardcore SuperstarWhy Can't You Love Me Like Before
Hardcore SuperstarWimpy Sister
Hardcore SuperstarYou Know Where We All Belong
Hardcore SuperstarThe Last Great Day
Hardcore SuperstarThey Are Not Even A New Bang Tango
Hardcore SuperstarWe Don't Celebrate Sundays
Hardcore SuperstarStrapped
Hardcore SuperstarSummer Season's Gone
Hardcore SuperstarThat's My Life
Hardcore SuperstarSomeone Special
Hardcore SuperstarSoul Of Sweetness
Hardcore SuperstarStaden Goteborg
Hardcore SuperstarStandin' On The Verge
Hardcore SuperstarSmoke 'Em
Hardcore SuperstarSo Deep Inside
Hardcore SuperstarSlide Song
Hardcore SuperstarSignificant Other
Hardcore SuperstarShades Of Grey
Hardcore SuperstarShame
Hardcore SuperstarSend Myself To Hell
Hardcore SuperstarRock 'N' Roll Star
Hardcore SuperstarRight Here Right Now
Hardcore SuperstarRiding With The King
Hardcore SuperstarPunk Rock Song
Hardcore SuperstarNot Dancing, Wanna Know Why?
Hardcore SuperstarPathetic Way Of Life
Hardcore SuperstarNo Regrets
Hardcore SuperstarMother's Love
Hardcore SuperstarMy Good Reputation
Hardcore SuperstarHope For A Normal Life
Hardcore SuperstarI Can't Change
Hardcore SuperstarInto Debauchery
Hardcore SuperstarJust Another Score
Hardcore SuperstarLiberation
Hardcore SuperstarHey Now
Hardcore SuperstarHoney Tongue
Hardcore SuperstarHello / Goodbye
Hardcore SuperstarHere Comes That Sick Bitch Again
Hardcore SuperstarHave You Been Around
Hardcore SuperstarDon't You Ever Leave Me (Hanoi Rocks Cover)
Hardcore SuperstarDon't You Ever Leave Me
Hardcore SuperstarDig A Hole
Hardcore SuperstarDo Me That Favour
Hardcore SuperstarDear Old Fame
Hardcore SuperstarBubblecum Ride
Hardcore SuperstarBreakout
Hardcore SuperstarBring Me Back
Hardcore SuperstarBeat You Down
Hardcore SuperstarBaby Come Along