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Harry BelafonteJehovah The Lord Will Provide
Harry BelafonteBanana Boat (day O)
Harry BelafonteDont Ever Love Me
Harry BelafonteIsland In The Sun
Harry BelafonteIt Was Love, Love Alone
Harry BelafonteJamaica Farewell
Harry BelafonteJump In The Line
Harry BelafonteMama Look At Bubu
Harry BelafonteMarys Boy Child
Harry BelafonteBanana Boat Song
Harry BelafonteAll My Trails
Harry BelafonteAmandla
Harry BelafonteAmen
Harry BelafonteAngelina
Harry BelafonteAnnabelle Lee
Harry BelafonteBanana Boat
Harry BelafonteCapetown
Harry BelafonteClose Your Eyes
Harry BelafonteCome Back Liza
Harry BelafonteCrawdad Song
Harry BelafonteDay O
Harry BelafonteDon't Ever Love Me
Harry BelafonteEzekiel
Harry BelafonteFare Thee Well
Harry BelafonteFour Strong Winds
Harry BelafonteGlobal Carnival
Harry BelafonteGloria
Harry BelafonteGlory Manger
Harry BelafonteGo Down Emanuel Road
Harry BelafonteGo Down Old Hannah
Harry BelafonteGod Bless The Child
Harry BelafonteGoin' Down Jordan
Harry BelafonteGomen Nasai
Harry BelafonteGotta Travel On
Harry BelafonteGreen Grow The Lilacs
Harry BelafonteHaiti Cherie
Harry BelafonteHallelujah I Love Her So
Harry BelafonteJamaica Fairwell
Harry BelafonteMama Look A Boo Boo (Live)
Harry BelafonteMama, Look At Bubu
Harry BelafonteMary's Boy Child
Harry BelafonteMatilda
Harry BelafonteMonkey
Harry BelafonteSkin To Skin
Harry BelafonteSylvie
Harry BelafonteThe First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Harry BelafonteThe Fox
Harry BelafonteThe Son Of Mary
Harry BelafonteTry To Remember
Harry BelafonteTurn The World Around
Harry BelafonteWater Boy
Harry BelafonteWe Are The Wave
Harry BelafonteWere You There When They Crucified My Lord
Harry BelafonteWhen The Saint Go Marching In
Harry BelafonteWhere The Little Jesus Sleeps
Harry BelafonteWill His Love Be Like His Rum
Harry BelafonteZombie Jamboree (Back To Back)