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HateAnd The Sin Becomes
HateAnti-God Extremity
HateAwakening Of The Liar
HateCain's Way
HateClose To The Nephilim
HateDead And Mistified
HateFuture Is Mayhem
HateGod Overslept
HateHoly Dead Trinity
HateImmolate The Pope
HateLord Is Avenger
HateNo Life After Death
HateParadise As Lost
HateResurrected But Failed
HateSatan's Horde
HateSectarian Murder
HateServe God, Rely On Me (Hymn Of Asa'el)
HateServe God, Rely On Me (Hymn Of Asal'el)
HateShame Of The Creator
HateShare Your Blood With Daemon
HateSpirit Of Gospa
HateThe Kill
HateThe Scrolls
HateThe Shround (A Hellish Value)
HateThrough Hate To Eternity
HateWorld Has To Die