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Haylie DuffGirl In The Band
Haylie DuffA Whatever Life
Haylie DuffA Whatever Life (Stuck In The Suburbs Sountrack)
Haylie DuffAloha E Komo Mai
Haylie DuffAngel In My Heart(Ft.Jump5)
Haylie DuffBabysitting Is A Bum Deal
Haylie DuffDiamond(Ft.Jump5)
Haylie DuffEnchanted
Haylie DuffFly Away Now
Haylie DuffLa La La.....
Haylie DuffMaterial Girl
Haylie DuffMatierial Girls
Haylie DuffMy Sister And I
Haylie DuffNot That Dramatic But A Lil' Bit!
Haylie DuffOne In This World
Haylie DuffOur Lips Are Sealed
Haylie DuffOur Lips Are Sealed(Ft.Hilary)
Haylie DuffOutrageous(Ft.Britney Spears)
Haylie DuffSame Old Christmas (Featuring Hilary Duff)
Haylie DuffScrewed
Haylie DuffSweetest Pain
Haylie DuffThe Beat Of My Heart
Haylie DuffThe Siamese Cat Song
Haylie DuffWe Are Siamese(Ft.Hilary Duff)
Haylie DuffWelcome Are Family