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Head AutomaticaAt The Speed Of A Yellow Bullet
Head AutomaticaBeating Heart Baby
Head AutomaticaBrooklyn Is Burning
Head AutomaticaCannibal Girl
Head AutomaticaCurious
Head AutomaticaDance Party Plus
Head AutomaticaDisco Hades
Head AutomaticaDisco Hades Ii
Head AutomaticaEgyptian Musk
Head AutomaticaEverything You Ever Wanted To Know About Straight Edge
Head AutomaticaEverything You Ever Wanted To Know About;
Head AutomaticaGod
Head AutomaticaGraduation Day
Head AutomaticaHead Automatica Sound System
Head AutomaticaI Shot Andy Warhol
Head AutomaticaI Shot William H. Macy
Head AutomaticaK Horse
Head AutomaticaKing Caesar
Head AutomaticaKing Ceaser
Head AutomaticaLaughing At You
Head AutomaticaLying Through Your Teeth
Head AutomaticaMillion Dollar Decision
Head AutomaticaMu-shu Pork Empire
Head AutomaticaNegro Spiritual
Head AutomaticaNowhere Fast
Head AutomaticaOxy Contin
Head AutomaticaPlease Please Please
Head AutomaticaPlease Please Please (Young Hollywood)
Head AutomaticaPlease Please Please (Young Hollywood) [Smitty & Gabriel D. Vine Remix]
Head AutomaticaPulling Muscles (From A Shell)
Head AutomaticaSacramental Narcotics
Head AutomaticaScandalous
Head AutomaticaShe's Not It
Head AutomaticaShot In The Back (The Platypus)
Head AutomaticaSolid Gold Telephone
Head AutomaticaTara Reid Is A Whore
Head AutomaticaThe Razor
Head AutomaticaTip Your Hooker
Head AutomaticaYoung Hollywood
Head AutomaticaZack Morris Is My Hero