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HeadsDamage I 've Done
HeadsDon 't Take My Kindness For Weakness
HeadsDon't Take My Kindness For Weakness (feat. Shaun Ryder)
HeadsI Don't Care Anymore (unreleased Track)
HeadsIf I Had A Dog Like You (unreleased Track)
HeadsIndie Hair
HeadsIndie Hair (feat. Ed Kowalczyk)
HeadsNever Mind
HeadsNever Mind (feat. Richard Hell)
HeadsNo Big Bang
HeadsNo Big Bang (feat. Maria McKee)
HeadsNo More Lonely Nights
HeadsNo More Lonely Nights (feat. Malin Anneteg)
HeadsNo Talking Just Head
HeadsNo Talking Just Head (Debbie Harry)
HeadsOnly The Lonely
HeadsOnly The Lonely (feat. Gordon Gano)
HeadsPapersnow (feat. Andy Partridge)
HeadsPunk Lolita (feat. Debbie Harry, Johnette Napolitano & Tina Weymouth)
HeadsThe King Is Gone
HeadsThe King Is Gone (feat. Michael Hutchence)