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Immortal SoulsBlue Flamed Fire
Immortal SoulsChrist Mass
Immortal SoulsCold Streets
Immortal SoulsColor Of My Sky
Immortal SoulsDark Night Under The Northern Sky
Immortal SoulsDivine Wintertime
Immortal SoulsDown In My Grave
Immortal SoulsEdge Of The Frost
Immortal SoulsEverwinter
Immortal SoulsFrostmind
Immortal SoulsHate Sender
Immortal SoulsI Am Me
Immortal SoulsIcebound
Immortal SoulsLove Demise
Immortal SoulsMan Of Sorrow
Immortal SoulsMorning Mist
Immortal SoulsPainbearer
Immortal SoulsPainthings
Immortal SoulsPainwaighted
Immortal SoulsRealm Of Hatred
Immortal SoulsReflections Of Doom
Immortal SoulsSacrifice
Immortal SoulsSnow Soul
Immortal SoulsSuicidalive
Immortal SoulsThe Cleansing
Immortal SoulsThe Cold Northwind
Immortal SoulsThe Prophet
Immortal SoulsUntil
Immortal SoulsUntil The Day I Die
Immortal SoulsWelcome To North
Immortal SoulsWinterheart
Immortal SoulsYou