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In Flames... As The Future Repeats Today
In FlamesAnother Day In The Quicksand
In FlamesArtifacts Of The Black Rain
In FlamesBehind Space
In FlamesBiosphere
In FlamesBlack & White
In FlamesBlack & White
In FlamesBullet Ride
In FlamesClad In Shadows
In FlamesClayman
In FlamesCloud Connected
In FlamesCoerced Coexistence
In FlamesColony
In FlamesCome Clarity
In FlamesDark Signs
In FlamesDawn Of A New Day
In FlamesDead Eternity
In FlamesDead God In Me
In FlamesDecember Flower
In FlamesDiscover Me Like Emptiness
In FlamesDismiss The Cynic
In FlamesDrifter
In FlamesEgonomic
In FlamesEmbody The Invisible
In FlamesEpisode 666
In FlamesEverything Counts
In FlamesFood For The Gods
In FlamesFree Fall
In FlamesGoliaths Disarm Their Davids
In FlamesGraveland
In FlamesGyroscope
In FlamesIn Flames
In FlamesIn Search For I
In FlamesInsipid 2000
In FlamesJester Script Transfigured
In FlamesJotun
In FlamesLand Of Confusion
In FlamesLord Hypnos
In FlamesLunar Strain
In FlamesMetaphor
In FlamesMinus
In FlamesMoonshield
In FlamesMorphing Into Primal
In FlamesMurders In The Rue Morgue
In FlamesOnly for the weak
In FlamesOrdinary Story
In FlamesPinball Map
In FlamesReroute To Remain
In FlamesResin
In FlamesSatellites And Astronauts
In FlamesScorn
In FlamesSquare Nothing
In FlamesStarforsaken
In FlamesSuburban Me
In FlamesSwim
In FlamesSystem
In FlamesThe Hive
In FlamesThe Jester Race
In FlamesThe New World
In FlamesTransparent
In FlamesTrigger
In FlamesUpon An Oaken Throne
In FlamesWorld Of Promises
In FlamesWorld Within The Margin
In FlamesWorlds Within The Margin
In FlamesZombie Inc.