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In My EyesA Little Too Late
In My EyesActions Fall Short
In My EyesAdvice Taken?
In My EyesAnother Way
In My EyesCan't Live Through Me
In My EyesConversation Drifts
In My EyesCourage To Care
In My EyesDifference Between
In My EyesFor The Moment
In My EyesIn (My Eyes) Tro/This Is Our Time
In My EyesLasting Values
In My EyesMaking Sense
In My EyesMy Reply
In My EyesNothing To Hide
In My EyesOn My Side
In My EyesOverlooked
In My EyesPerspective
In My EyesTake The Risk
In My EyesThe Big Dig
In My EyesThe K.O.S.T.
In My EyesThe Way It Was Left
In My EyesThe Weight Of Words
In My EyesThrough The Motions
In My EyesWelcome To Boston