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Inner SurgeA Call To Minds
Inner SurgeA Good Laugh With Death
Inner SurgeA New Program
Inner SurgeAvalon
Inner SurgeBacklash
Inner SurgeBeneficial Fever
Inner SurgeBury The Evidence
Inner SurgeCompletion
Inner SurgeDriven
Inner SurgeFlames In Synergy
Inner SurgeGhost Of The Earth
Inner SurgeHalls Of Amenti
Inner SurgeImpact
Inner SurgeIn Code
Inner SurgeIntent
Inner SurgeNo Profit In The Cure
Inner SurgeOnly His Name
Inner SurgeOur Rights
Inner SurgeRetribution Song
Inner SurgeSilencer
Inner SurgeThe Deepest Wound
Inner SurgeThe Fall
Inner SurgeThe Outcome
Inner SurgeWelcome To The 5Th World
Inner SurgeWhen The Door Locks
Inner SurgeWolves