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IsraelAgain I Say Rejoice (Reprise)
IsraelAlpha And Omega
IsraelCome And Let Us Sing
IsraelCome Holy Spirit
IsraelFavor Of The Lord
IsraelFreak Tonight
IsraelHe Knows My Name
IsraelI Know Who I Am
IsraelI Will
IsraelIt's Raining
IsraelNot Forgotten
IsraelStill Standing
IsraelTake The Limits Off/ No Limits (Enlarge My Territory)
IsraelTo Worship You I Live (Away)
IsraelTurn It Around
IsraelUnperfect Love
IsraelWho Is Like The Lord
IsraelWorship Medley (Holy Ground, Holy Holy Holy, Alleluia)
IsraelYou've Been A Friend