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James Otto10. The Ball
James Otto11. Lowdown On The Highlife
James Otto12. Never Say Goodbye
James Otto2. Gone
James Otto3. Misspent Youth
James Otto4. Miss Temptation
James Otto5. Sunday Morning And Saturday Night
James Otto6. Song Of The Violin
James Otto7. She Knows
James Otto8. Days Of Our Lives
James Otto9. The Last Thing I Do
James OttoAin't Gonna Stop
James OttoDays Of Our Lives
James OttoDrink & Dial
James OttoFor You
James OttoGone
James OttoGood Ol' Days
James OttoI Don't Want To Wish I Had
James OttoInto The Mystic
James OttoJust Got Started Lovin' You
James OttoLong Way Down
James OttoLowdown On The Highlife
James OttoMan That I Am
James OttoMiss Temptation
James OttoMisspent Youth
James OttoNever Say Goodbye
James OttoShe Knows
James OttoSong Of The Violin
James OttoSunday Morning And Saturday Night
James OttoThe Ball
James OttoThe Last Thing I Do
James OttoThese Are The Good Ole Days
James OttoWhere Angels Hang Around
James OttoYou Don't Act Like My Woman