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Joey & RoryAlbum Number Two
Joey & RoryAll You Need Is Me
Joey & RoryBaby I'll Come Back To You
Joey & RoryBoots
Joey & RoryBorn To Be Your Woman
Joey & RoryFarm To Fame
Joey & RoryFree Bird
Joey & RoryGod Help My Man
Joey & RoryHeart Of The Wood
Joey & RoryLoved The Hell
Joey & RoryMy Old Man
Joey & RoryPlay The Song
Joey & RoryRodeo
Joey & RorySweet Emmylou
Joey & RoryThat's Important To Me
Joey & RoryThe Horse Nobody Could Ride
Joey & RoryThe Life Of A Song
Joey & RoryThis Song's For You
Joey & RoryTo Say Goodbye
Joey & RoryTonight Cowboy You're Mine
Joey & RoryTune Of A Twenty Dollar Bill