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Joey TempestA Place To Call Home
Joey TempestAlways A Friend Of Mine
Joey TempestAlways On The Run
Joey TempestBetter Than Real
Joey TempestDance For You
Joey TempestDon't Change
Joey TempestDon't Go Changin' On Me
Joey TempestDreamless
Joey TempestElsewhere
Joey TempestEvery Universe
Joey TempestFor My Country
Joey TempestForgiven
Joey TempestHarder To Leave A Friend Than A Lover
Joey TempestHate Loving Me
Joey TempestHow Come You're Not Dead Yet?
Joey TempestIf I'd Only Know
Joey TempestIf We Stay Or If We Go
Joey TempestLing Apart
Joey TempestLord Of The Manor
Joey TempestLosers
Joey TempestLosing You Again
Joey TempestLoved By Me
Joey TempestLucky
Joey TempestMagnificent
Joey TempestNot Welcome Anymore
Joey TempestOutside Heaven
Joey TempestPleasure And Pain
Joey TempestRight To Respect
Joey TempestShady People
Joey TempestSometimes
Joey TempestSuperhuman
Joey TempestThe Match
Joey TempestThe One In The Glass
Joey TempestUnder The Influence
Joey TempestWe Come Alive