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Johnny CleggDela (I Know Why The Dog Howls At Moon)
Johnny CleggAre You Ready
Johnny CleggGiyani
Johnny CleggGreat Heart
Johnny CleggIn My African Dream
Johnny CleggInevitable Consequence Of Progress
Johnny CleggRings On Her Finger
Johnny CleggScatterlings Of Africa
Johnny CleggThese Days
Johnny CleggThird World Child
Johnny CleggTough Enough
Johnny CleggWhen The System Has Fallen
Johnny CleggYour Time Will Come
Johnny CleggAfrican Shadow Man
Johnny CleggAre You Ready?
Johnny CleggAsimbonanga
Johnny CleggAsimbonanga (mandela)
Johnny CleggBerlin Wall
Johnny CleggBombs Away
Johnny CleggCrocodile Love
Johnny CleggCruel Crazy Beautiful World
Johnny CleggDance Across The Centuries
Johnny CleggDela (feat. Savuka)
Johnny CleggDon't Walk Away
Johnny CleggEmotional Allegiance
Johnny CleggForeign Nights (working Dog In Babylon)
Johnny CleggGuka 'Mzimba (Body Grow Old)
Johnny CleggHuman Rainbow
Johnny CleggI Call Your Name
Johnny CleggI Can Never Be (what You Want Me To Be)
Johnny CleggIt's An Illusion
Johnny CleggJericho
Johnny CleggMbaqanga Music
Johnny CleggMissing
Johnny CleggMoliva
Johnny CleggOne (Hu)' Man One Vote
Johnny CleggRing On Her Finger
Johnny CleggRolling Ocean
Johnny CleggSpirit Is The Journey
Johnny CleggTake My Heart Away
Johnny CleggTalk To The People
Johnny CleggThe Crossing
Johnny CleggThe Crossing (osiyeza)
Johnny CleggThe Promise
Johnny CleggThe Waiting
Johnny CleggToo Early For The Sky
Johnny CleggUzogijima (You Will Run Away)
Johnny CleggWarsaw 1943 (I Never Betrayed The Revolution)
Johnny CleggWo! Ilanga Lobunzima
Johnny CleggWoman Be My Country