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Julie RobertsA Bridge That's Burning
Julie RobertsAll I Want Is You
Julie RobertsBreak Down Here
Julie RobertsChasin' Whiskey
Julie RobertsFirst To Never Know
Julie RobertsGirl Next Door
Julie RobertsI Can't Get Over You
Julie RobertsIf You Had Called Yesterday
Julie RobertsJust 'cause We Can
Julie RobertsLonely Alone
Julie RobertsMama Don't Cry
Julie RobertsMen & Mascara
Julie RobertsNo Way Out
Julie RobertsPaint And Pillows
Julie RobertsPot Of Gold
Julie RobertsRain On A Tin Roof
Julie RobertsSmile
Julie RobertsThat Ain't A Crime
Julie RobertsThe Chance
Julie RobertsToo Damn Young
Julie RobertsUnlove Me
Julie RobertsWake Up Older
Julie RobertsYou Ain't Down Home