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KaneAll The Answers
KaneAs Long As You Want This
KaneBefore You Let Me Go
KaneCan You Handle Me
KaneCatwalk Criminal
KaneCrazy Warnings
KaneDamn Those Eyes
KaneDead End
KaneDreamer (Gussies Song)
KaneHold On To The World
KaneI Will Keep My Head Down
KaneIt Just Won't Be The Same Without You
KaneJust Go
KaneLet It Be
KaneLove Is Blindness
KaneLove Over Healing
KaneMaster Of The Game
KaneMoment Of Truth
KaneMy Best Wasn't Good Enough
KaneMy Heart's Desire
KaneMy Heart's Desire
KaneNot Here
KaneOur Heart's Will Beat As One
KaneRain Down On Me
KaneRain Down On Me (DJ Tisto Remix)
KaneRain Down On Me (Remix)
KaneRescue Me
KaneShot Of A Gun
KaneSo Glad You Made It
KaneTaurus (Hangin' On)
KaneTaurus (Hanging On)
KaneUntil Nothing Else Matters
KaneWaiting Waiting
KaneWay Down Inside
KaneWhat If
KaneWhere Do I Go Now