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Kathy Mattea455 Rocket
Kathy MatteaAll Roads To The River
Kathy MatteaAmarillo
Kathy MatteaBack Up Grinnin ' Again
Kathy MatteaBack Up Grinnin' Again
Kathy MatteaBattle Hymn Of Love
Kathy MatteaBurnin ' Old Memories
Kathy MatteaBurnin' Old Memories
Kathy MatteaCallin' My Name
Kathy MatteaChrist Child 's Lullabye
Kathy MatteaChrist Child's Lullaby
Kathy MatteaCome From The Heart
Kathy MatteaEighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses
Kathy MatteaEmmanuel
Kathy MatteaEvenin '
Kathy MatteaEvenin'
Kathy MatteaEvery Love
Kathy MatteaFrom A Distance
Kathy MatteaHills Of Alabam '
Kathy MatteaHills Of Alabam'
Kathy MatteaI 'm On Your Side
Kathy MatteaI Have Always Loved You
Kathy MatteaI'm On Your Side
Kathy MatteaInnocent Years (reprise)
Kathy MatteaLate In The Day
Kathy MatteaLeaving West Virginia
Kathy MatteaLife As We Knew It
Kathy MatteaListen To The Radio
Kathy MatteaLonely At The Bottom
Kathy MatteaLonesome Standard Time
Kathy MatteaLove At The Five And Dime
Kathy MatteaMary, Did You Know
Kathy MatteaMaybe She 's Human
Kathy MatteaMaybe She's Human
Kathy MatteaNobody 's Gonna Rain On Our Parade
Kathy MatteaNobody's Gonna Rain On Our Parade
Kathy MatteaPatiently Waiting
Kathy MatteaQuarter Moon
Kathy MatteaSeeds
Kathy MatteaSending Me Angels
Kathy MatteaSong For The Life
Kathy MatteaThat's The Deal
Kathy MatteaThe Battle Hymn Of Love
Kathy MatteaThe Bridge
Kathy MatteaThe Cape
Kathy MatteaThe End Of The Line
Kathy MatteaThe Southern Soldier Boy
Kathy MatteaThe Star
Kathy MatteaThere Were Roses
Kathy MatteaTrue North
Kathy MatteaTrust Me
Kathy MatteaUntasted Honey
Kathy MatteaUntold Stories
Kathy MatteaWalk The Way The Wind Blows
Kathy MatteaWalking Away A Winner
Kathy MatteaWhat A Wonderful Beginning
Kathy MatteaWhat Could Have Been
Kathy MatteaWhere Have You Been?
Kathy MatteaWillow In The Wind
Kathy MatteaYou 're The Power
Kathy MatteaYou Plant Your Fields
Kathy MatteaYou're The Power